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The Virginia Years

Show business is party you sneak into and hope they don't find out. As long as there are people around dumb enough to pay you, be willing to do it. — Gilbert Gottfried (paraphrased)

The first time I ever remember listening to a radio, I was four years old, listening to our Hitachi transistor radio in my room. The song playing was Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler, the station was WROV Roanoke, and the guy on the air was Ron Sunshine. A few years later I was spending every evening in my bedroom hoping to hear new Beatles songs played by Jack Fisher. About ten years later I was inside of WROV for the first time, shooting photos for the school newspaper while my friend Cliff was interviewing Bart Prater. At some point, during these experiences, I decided, "I'M GOING TO DO THIS!"

Throughout life I've had a few experiences where it seemed that, within a period of a few days, one door slammed shut and another one flew open. It was like that in Fall 1974 when my girlfriend went off to college and we subsequently broke up, then within days we did the interview with Bart, and a few weeks later I'd gotten the "job" of being the WROV High School Correspondent for Cave Spring High which meant I was going down there every Wednesday night reading the weekly "Cave Spring High Report" on the air. One week I actually said "Well the Cave Spring tennis team had a busy week out knocking their balls around on the tennis court!" Honest. From there I started doing photography for them (I did it for free as long as they let me in there to do it).

That December, while visiting a friend named John who lived in the subdivision called "Sugarloaf", we built our own "radio station" using potentiometers (volume controls) from an old TV and a metal breadbox for a "board". We had no way to transmit this so we ran it into an amplifier, put the speaker in his open window, and blasted our "station" out of the back of his house. Because it was about 30-degrees that day we about froze our asses off. But we didn't care, as long as "somebody" might be listening to this. About an hour later the phone rang, it was a girl named Robin who lived behind him who said "I'm having a Christmas party and everyone arriving can hear you. Why don't you both just come over here?" We went. I met a guy there named Steve Finnegan. And after that it seemed like, off we went!

By Summer 1975 I'd gotten my FCC license and was running the closed circuit station at the high school, WCSH. A short while later Steve was working overnights on "beautiful/elevator/dentist office music station WPVR. Then we met Bucky Stover who was yet another guy just like us who wanted to do radio. Finally in 1976 I was hired at the local public radio station, WVWR, where I met my lifelong friend, Rick Howell. A year later, I was hired at WPVR which by then had merged with AM Top 40 station WFIR. I got my first chance to be on the radio, playing actual records, in early 1978 when the full-time overnight guy, Carl Foster, wasn't able to work one night because earlier that day, he'd been elbowed in the balls on the basketball court. Honest. But regardless of how I got there, I'D ARRIVED!

By 1979, Bucky had worked at WROV doing weekends and that summer they hired Steve to be the full-time overnight guy on WROV. About that same time, I became the full-time overnight guy on WFIR. Then we were interviewed by the newspaper (and if you were brave enough to read that and want more, here's the rest of it...)

By the beginning of the 1980s, we were both working at WROV. My goal was to have a job there by the time I was 25. We both made it when we were both 22. And we got there just in time for the heyday to be over. In 1981, the new Top 40 FM WXLK ate WROV's lunch and soon they toned it down and became "Adult Comtemporary". Steve left for "The Triad" (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point NC). In 1982 I was hired to do weekends at K92. By the end of the summer I'd been fired and that was the end of me working on the radio in Roanoke. For a while I thought it was over for good but this only turned out to be Act I...

So here we are, going through my eight boxes of cassettes, which I've saved all of these years because—way back then—I really believed "One of these days we'll be famous and they'll want all of this stuff for the documentaries and for the Smithsonian Institute." Young people really are full of shit and have their heads up their asses, don't they? For many of these I've written some notes detailing anything I remember about them and what was going on at the time.

Anyway, ENJOY! Or, BEWARE! With most of these you could go either way...actually I should say...

NOTE: The stuff of mine that you will hear on this page, for the most part, SUCKS. It was very early in my career and, thusly, pretty horrible. If you want to hear me when I was halfway good at this, PLEASE go to the "NC Years" do that CLICK HERE.

Bill Jordan & Starr Stevens, WROV, Fall 1975
I had been to the station to do the Cave Spring High School Correspondent thing with Starr, then hung around afterward. Bill came on at midnight and at that time, Starr and I went out and got stoned. Then Starr came back in and did this bits--completely ad-libbed and live on the air. In the background you can hear me laughing his ass off.

Pat & Marvelous Mark try to do WCSH promos, March 1976
WARNING: Production Tape! Which means that our language is so filthy it would embarrass the U.S.Navy

Pat on WCSH, March 1976

Pat on WCSH, April 1976

Pat on WCSH, April 4, 1976

Bucky on WYTI
Short clip of Bucky Stover playing me a record on WYTI. Where I lived in SW Roanoke County, I could just barely pick up the WYTI signal from Rocky Mount. One afternoon when Bucky was working there I called him and asked for a Raspberries record and he played it for me. This was at a point in the early days of my "career" when I was just realizing "Hey I know these guys and I can just call up and they'll do this kind of thing for me...COOL!"

Pat on WCSH, April 15, 1976

Pat on WCSH, April 16, 1976

Pat on WCSH, April 23, 1976

Pat on WCSH, May 3 1976
Marvelous Mark shows up, and I get FIN (whom—though he'd graduated last year in 1975—still showed up at WCSH sometimes) with a gag...

Pat on WCSH, May 6 1976

Pat on WCSH, May 10 1976

Pat on WCSH, May 11 1976, featuring visit from FIN

Pat / FIN, WCSH, May 11 1976 (clip from show above)

Pat on WCSH, May 21 1976
Featuring The First International Spastic Competition and visit from "morning" guy Dave Holtzman. After doing this, I mentioned the Spastic Competition when doing the high school report on WROV and Starr got all over me. "There are REAL SPASTIC PEOPLE out there and THEY MIGHT BE OFFENDED BY THAT!" None were, that I recall.

Pat on WCSH, May 24 1976

Pat on WCSH, May 31 1976

Pat on WCSH, June 1 1976 (quality is horrible)

Pat on WCSH, June 2 1976

Pat on WCSH, June 3 1976

Pat on WCSH, June 4 1976, following Capping Assembly

Pat on WCSH, June 8 1976, Last WCSH Show! Featuring Dave Holtzman

WVWR "Midday" Intro, April Fool's Day, April 1, 1977
WVWR did a "magazine format" show at noon each weekday called "Midday" which consisted of news / sports / special recorded features (many from the previous day's edition of "All Things Considered" and local "community" producers). I was the producer (a job previously held by Candace Hensley). Chet Rhodes or Rick Howell did the news. And the host of the show was the station manager Steve Mills (who also worked weekends on WROV as "Steve Shannon"). The show started with the theme song ("Bouree" by Jethro Tull) and Steve talked over it, giving a preview of what was coming up on that day's show. Off the air, Steve had this ongoing joke about all of us young single men belonging to "The STUD DUCK Club." Every time one of us would go out on a hot date, the next day we'd hear "Well you were a real STUD DUCK last night, weren't you?" and such. There was even an official "Stud Duck" sound effect which was an echoed, reverberated, quacking duck that we had on a cart and used for fun from time to time. So on April Fool's Day, to get Steve live on the air, about 20 seconds into the theme song, I dropped "Bouree", inserted the Stud Duck quack, and then started "The Stripper" by David Rose. Steve had a good laugh out of this and handled it quite well, I think.

The Beatles A-Z, Version 1
Pat spliced together a piece of each Beatles song in alphabetical order, done in the WVWR production room, sometime in 1977. (Pat later revised this, creating a much better edited, longer version, while at WGNI in 1984).

The Best or Worst of Finnegan & Garrett (Depending On How You Choose to Look At It)
Side 1 (Jerry Loomis Telethon, School Lunch Blues)
Side 1 (The Newscausers, Ode To A Revox, Dog Pound, Lotz Funeral Home, Preacher Patrick)

Pat does a break on WVWR, July 4, 1977

Pat on WFIR, May 3, 1978
First Show in WFIR - In for Carl Foster. Carl had been out playing basketball and had gone up for a shot and been elbowed in the balls and couldn't come to work, nobody else could fill in, so I got the call. So, my big break doing AM Top 40 radio came because somebody was whopped in the nuts.

Pat on WPVR, May 20, 1978
Probably the only audio of WPVR that exists anymore...

Pat on WFIR, July 7, 1978

Cliff on WFIR, Summer 1978
He really wasn't having a very good night, boardwork-wise.

FIN on WFIR, September 23, 1978 (7-Mid)

Pat / FIN on WFIR, September 24, 1978 (Mid - 6)

FIN & Pat on WFIR, November 10, 1978

FIN & Pat on WFIR, December 16, 1978 - P1

FIN & Pat on WFIR, December 16, 1978 - P2

Pat on WFIR, January 18, 1979 - P1

Pat on WFIR, January 18, 1979 - P2
Flushing Dale

Pat on WFIR, January 19, 1979
Pat & FIN do Beatles Salute (15th Anniversary of US Invasion)

Pat on WFIR, April 4, 1979

Pat on WFIR, April 4, 1979

Pat on WFIR, May 18, 1979

Pat on WFIR, May 22, 1979

Pat on WFIR, August 4, 1979
(Little did I know I'd be canned two days later...)

Pat on WROV, February 9, 1980
About 30 minutes of Chris Stevens (Dave Shropshire), followed by me doing a basic show, obviously I was new and being airchecked and trying to do what Bart wanted me to do. Dedicated an Eagles record to "Sam the Surveyor". Speech / diction were still horrible.

Pat on WROV, March 29, 1980
Various mentions of FIN. Is rubber burning on 13th Street? Day of MOD Super Walk. 15 minutes of Barry Michaels.

Pat on WROV, March 30, 1980
About half an hour of BART, then Pat came on at midnight (scared shitless).

Barry Michaels on WROV, April 6, 1980
Excellent, as always.

Pat on WROV, June 22, 1980
Not the best but a few highlights and lowlights. I still had the horrible southern drawl, hadn't started going to the speech clinic yet. We were doing the Mt. St. Helens "Blow Your Top" (see below). I played "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and said it was "Don Felder and The Eagles" even though Don wasn't in the Eagles yet when they did that song. Good Lord.

Pat on WROV, June 23, 1980
About a month earlier, Mt. St. Helens in the state of Washington erupted. Bart and Quiddly (Fred Palmer), who were geniuses at coming up with radio promotions, got on the phone and called the radio station in nearby Vancouver, WA and asked them if they could get us a coffee can full of Mt. St. Helen's volcanic ash and send it to us. They were happy to do this, and, upon receiving it, we packaged it up in tiny little clear packages and started giving them away in the "WROV BLOW YOUR TOP" contest, where listeners would call up, tell us what they were about to blow their top over, and then win the prize. This contest was winding down as I did this show and you'll hear it mentioned. We were also doing "The Telephone Game" where we'd say "If your phone number ends with an X (digit), be the tenth caller and win." And I got FIN with a good gag that day, as well.

Pat on WROV, June 28, 1980
We were promoting the "Robert Cheese Giveaway" (where Quiddly portrayed Robert Cheese, the man with NO personality, and he gave away all of the old prizes in the back that had been laying around for years, e.g. Hazel Bishop Compacts. About half an hour of Rob O'Brady after me.

Robert Cheese Giveaway Promo
Featuring Bart, and Quiddly as Robert Cheese.

Bomb Iran - Capt. Pat & The Dessert Boys (Featuring Sandstorm Finnegan)
We were sitting around stoned and one of us came up with this, though I can't remember which. To do it we recorded me banging out the piano part on my mother's piano (recorded on a cassette player), then we took to the WROV production room and FIN strummed guitar chords and then we did the vocals. At the time we knew we needed to copyright this but after spending our last dimes buying dishes of "crumblies" at Long John Silver's (which they'd sell you for ten cents) we couldn't afford a lawyer. About six months after we did this, a group named Vince Vance & The Valiants did it. Different lyrics but same idea. Oh well.

Bart, Larry, FIN on WROV, August 9, 1980
A rare half hour of Bart on a Saturday followed by an entire show from Larry which was hilarious, as always. FIN showed up at 7, this was about a week before he left for WRQK Greensboro and the last WROV recording of him that we have.

Rob O'Brady, September 13, 1980
A good, typical, Monday morning O'Brady show featuring "Lunch With Rob", the school menus, and everything else he was famous for. Entire show!

Chris, Pat, Rob on WROV, September 18, 1980
About half an hour of Chris Stevens (Dave Shropshire) then me...funny switch-off, his cat Yoda was in the hospital. Basic show, a few gags. Some of O'Brady at 6.

FIN on WRQK, September 19, 1980
This one is from September, right after he started there, he's telling folks he's "your new found friend in the nighttime." This is the show where he debuted "Bomb Iran" while (he said) the owner was out of town and wouldn't hear it. Much of this is not scoped.

The Ayatollah Boogie - Capt. Pat & The Dessert Boys (Featuring Sandstorm Finnegan)
By the time this was done FIN was already in Greensboro at WRQK. I think I did the original track then we went back and dubbed him yelling "YEEEEEAH" in the background in a few places. This and "Bomb Iran" both became immensely popular on FIN's WRQK Top 9 at 9 show. One night while playing one of these, FIN, staring out the window of the WRQK Penthouse, watched as a car sped down the long driveway up to the building, a pissed-off Middle-Eastern-looking guy got out and chucked a brick through the owner Tom Armshaw's office window.

Pat on WROV, September 27, 1980
This one starts with about 20 minutes of Chris Stevens (Dave Shropshire), on before me, and it includes the debut of "The Ayatollah Boogie" by Capt. Pat & The Dessert Boys (Featuring Sandstorm Finnegan), the follow-up to "Bomb Iran". We were playing these, plus Bart / Quiddly had done one that went "One, two, two and a half, we don't want any Iranian gas." All this was during the Iranian hostage mess of 1980, which arguably cost Jimmy Carter the election in favor of Ronald Reagan. And following me, about 40 minutes of Rob O'Brady.

Pat on WROV, October 6, 1980
Basic, plain aircheck, nothing fancy. Interesting hearing the news from one month before Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election.

Pat on WROV, November 8, 1980
A few minutes of John King, John and I mess with some guy who called the station on the air. Also includes an episode of "The Adventures of Herman and Gladys Crockmire" (which is excerpted, below). Tom Canody, the blind guy who worked with me and Rick Howell at WVWR, wins a contest. And we have 75 minutes of Rob O'Brady who came on at 6:00.

The Adventures of Herman & Gladys Crockmire (The Most Boring Married Couple in America)
At the time I came up with this, Bart and Quiddly had recently done several episodes of "The Adventures of Swian Forkbeard, the Viking Who Lived Too Late) which was the same plot every time: The Bart & Quidd characters are out in public somewhere, this Viking shows up, and they run him off. All they did was change the setting (a funeral, in the men's room, at the radio station, etc).

I was friends with Terri Killan (Gladys), who worked at WSLC / WSLQ at the time and she was always going around doing impersonations of Herm Reavis' wife, June, and the way she talked to Herm. So I came up with this bit--with help from FIN--where Herman and Gladys are out somewhere, Gladys keeps running her mouth and nagging, and finally Herman tells her to shut up. Same routine, all we did was change the setting.

FIN did the intro / outro and credited this as being "A FINGAR Production". FIN's then-wife Elaine is who came up with the name "Crockmire". Seems like she said she knew somebody with that last name, and we thought it was perfect.

Pat on WROV, November 9, 1980
Not bad, though just a basic show with a few gags and me reading the news.

FIN on WRQK, November 19, 1980
On this famous night Capt. Pat & The Dessert Boys landed TWO—count 'em—TWO hits in the WRQK Top 9 at Nine! Has anyone other than The Beatles ever done this before? Also, you hear me on the "Dedications To The One I Love" promo.

It was about three weeks after this that some lady called FIN frantic to the point that she was about to cry, saying that the only thing her kid wanted for Christmas was a copy of "Bomb Iran" by Capt. Pat and she'd been to every record store in town and COULDN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE. I think he put them on a cassette and sent this to her.

Then, about a year later, I ended up driving to Charlotte, NC with Sam and staying a night with two of his friends there. While talking with them they started asking me about radio and in the middle of this conversation the guy says "I swear, the funniest thing I've ever heard on the radio was a few weeks ago when I was driving through Greensboro and heard this song called "Bomb Iran". When I told him, he about shat himself.

Pat on WROV, November 16, 1980
Last few seconds of Dr. Demento, then me. I did lots of bits on this one--Dream Analysis, Can Eye Get A Witness News, Preacher Patrick in the Pulpit. I egregiously misprounced Yakima, WA (saying "ya-KEEM-a" instead of "YAK-a-ma"). Includes an hilarious WROV promo done by Bart Prater and Fred Palmer (Quiddly) which is excerpted, below.

WROV Promo by Bart & Quiddly, Fall 1980
After the 1980 ratings were released and we saw that K92 had replaced us as #1 (and we were now #5) the station began some "re-branding" to position us as more the "adult station" that you could depend on, and that "you grew up with". This promo was a funny way of reminding people that we had been the first "personality" station in town since 1946. Bart mentions that we had "personalities like Hayden Huddleston, Lee Garrett and Irving Sharp". Hayden did once in fact appear on WROV (doing this show called "Breakfast At The Ponce" from the Hotel Ponce De Leon, which Jerry Joynes once said was the awfullest thing he ever heard on a radio. Lee Garrett was very much on WROV prior to going to WSLS-TV. But Irving Sharp never was, he was only on WDBJ-AM and TV (and he did a Sunday morning religious show called "The Wright Furniture Company's Hymn Time" for years on WFIR).

Pat on WROV, November 29, 1980
A few minutes of Matt Eakle before me, and a little of Barry Michaels afterward. This was just after Thanksgiving, 1980, which I'd spent in High Point with Mr. & Mrs. FIN.

Dan Alexander on WQRK Norfolk, December 1, 1980
Dan Alexander, formerly of WROV (1970-71), on WQRK. About an hour's worth, recorded by Tom Cannody. Tom, a blind guy, worked at WVWR-FM in Roanoke with Rick Howell, Candace Hensley and me and later ended up in the Tidewater area where he recorded this for a Xmas tape he was preparing for me. As soon as it was over, Tom called Dan on the phone and talked to him for about five minutes.

Roanoke Coin Exchange Xmas Spot, December, 1980
I showed up one afternoon at WROV to find Bart Prater and Fred Palmer (aka "Quiddly") trying to write a Xmas spot for the Roanoke Coin Exchange, a business at Towers Mall that dealt in coins for collectors but also bought and sold gold and silver. Off the top of my head I said "You ought to have the three wise men taking their gifts to the Christ Child and the guy with the gold decides to go cash it in to get some extra money for Xmas shopping. They loved it and since I came up with it, the let me be on it. This spot only aired one time: the client—who was a bible-thumping religious nut—thought that this was sacrilegious and had it pulled immediately. But because it actually did air, it qualified for the Roanoke Valley Ad Council's "Addy" Awards, was entered, and won First Place - Special Categories & Campaigns.

Pat on WROV, December 25, 1980
Two breaks before noon. Then 20 minutes of Matt.

WROV - Bruce Jacobson - Funny Fake Newscast, 1981
Bruce was one of the newsmen at the time, and did this hilarious fake WROV newscast. To my knowledge, this never aired but if I found I was wrong, I wouldn't be surprised.

Pat on WROV, January 4, 1981
Today in the Funnies, As The World Burns, Preacher Patrick.

Pat on WROV, January 11, 1981
Not bad, basic show with a few bits ("Today in the Sunday Funnies", "Garrett's Gridiron Guesses").

Pat on WROV, January 24, 1981
Funny. Label on cassette says "Pat Plays The Illegal Songs." Preacher Patrick. O'Brady shows up at 6.

Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck
Funny. Ways to Get Rid of Your Mother-In-Law. Special Events in This Year's Super Bowl. O'Brady shows up at 6.

Rob O'Brady on WROV, February 9, 1981
The late Rick Mosher, who later became an anchor on WDBJ-TV, does the news. Good Monday morning show. A few breaks of Barry at the end.

Bart & Quiddly, "The British Invasion", March 8, 1981
Done for the Hall of Fame Weekend. Bart interviews Chauncey Gardner (Quiddly) of England about the British Invasion. Features several songs.

Pat on WROV, March 7, 1981
Hall of Fame Weekend. Not bad! Old jingles. GOOD music! Hall of Fame Weekend Promo by Bart. A few mentions of FIN and the old days. A few good gags.

Rob O'Brady on WROV, March 7, 1981
Hall of Fame Weekend.

Pat on WROV, March 8, 1981
Hall of Fame Weekend. Great show! Old jingles. GOOD music! Hall of Fame Weekend Drops by Bart / Barry. FIN shows up around 4:15. As I recall, FIN was in town and wanted to go to the Texas Tavern. I told him "Show up here and hang out with me and I'll go with you when I'm off at 6." The FAMOUS "As The World Burns" bit with FIN where the boss calls. Much other mayhem. FIN is trying to crack me up while I'm reading the 5:00 news. Then I do about 30 seconds of Howard Cosell because the intro to his show was not on the tape. This one is A CLASSIC.

Pat on WROV, March 9, 1981
Good average show. 2-3 was fairly funny. Segued "Love To Love You" into "Eli's Comin'" around 4:30. Rick Mosher did the morning news.

Pat on WROV, March 21, 1981
By now, it was the "Brown Derby Nite Owl Show" and I did three nights, Matt did four. Can Eye Get A Witness News, Little Known Facts, Famous Birthdays ("Bach had so many kids because there were no stops on his organ"). Last half is fairly funny.

Pat on WROV, March 23, 1981
Just a few minutes of this one, followed by about an hour of O'Brady. We were having a Spring snow storm that morning.

Pat on WROV, March 28, 1981
"Brown Derby Nite Owl Show" and also the WROV Supercard promotion was going on. This was a VERY AVERAGE show, nothing to write home about. Followed by about 90 minutes of Barry Michaels and he says "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEENIES!"

Pat on WROV, March 29, 1981
"Brown Derby" / Supercard. Another average show but it gets a bit better about halfway through. One good gag (Journey: "Mr. Whipple, please don't love, touch and squeeze the Charmin!") and an edition of As The World Burns. Near the end I talk about how much I love working at WROV (though I incorrectly give credit for "Bat Granny" to Ron Sunshine when it was really Sam Russell who did it).

Bart Prater on WROV, April 5, 1981
A very rare aircheck of a few hours of Bart, who sat in for Larry on the Sunday Night Hall of Fame oldies show.

Pat on WROV, April 6, 1981
I come on after Bart, scared shitless, and fuck up big time. Supercard / Brown Derby. Better as it went along.

Rob O'Brady on WROV, April 6, 1981
Rob was just back from Graceland, where he'd gone to attend the premiere of the movie "This Is Elvis" which he talks about a lot.

Pat on WROV, April 19, 1981
Beatles Weekend, Beatles drop by Bart. Supercard / Brown Derby. Preacher Patrick in the Pulpit, As The World Burns. Joseph Sparrow is a Supercard winner and says "I'M A HAPPY MOTHERFUCKER!" on the air. Poor dumb young naive me.

Pat on WROV, April 25, 1981
15 minutes of John King. Not bad, better as it goes along. "Adventures of Cowboy Pat" featuring FIN. 30 minutes of Barry Michaels at 6.

Pat on WROV, April 26, 1981
Time change weekend. Matt stops by for book review of "Durations".

American Society of Smokers - a fake PSA by PWG with Dan Haffey ("Dan Kelley")

Pat on WROV, May 3, 1981
GOOD show! Supercard / Brown Derby. I had THREE Supercard winners this morning. Preacher Patrick In The Pulpit, Little Known Facts later that morning.

Pat on WROV, May 10, 1981
John King showed up and hung out with me for a while, lots of the usual mayhem including an eposide of "As The World Burns" featuring me with John.

Pat on WROV, May 25, 1981
Hall of Fame Weekend. Thirty minutes of Larry doing Sunday night. Good basic show, good music. A few breaks of O'Brady at 6.

Pat on WROV, May 30, 1981
Reasonably good show. Supercard / Brown Derby. A few minutes of O'Brady.

Pat on WROV, May 31, 1981
20 minutes of Matt. Supercard / Brown Derby. Show gets better as it goes along. Famous Birthdays. Ran the A.S.S. PSA at the very end.

Pat on WROV, June 1, 1981
Not bad. Half an hour of O'Brady at 6.

Pat on WROV, June 14, 1981
OK at first, gets better as it goes along, last two hours were good. As The World Burns (good!).

Landmark Of The Month Club
A bit that I did sometime in 1981.

Pat on WROV, July 20, 1981
Not bad. Rick Mosher did news at 5:30.

Pat on WROV, July 25, 1981
Average. As The World Burns (with mention of John Holmes). Preacher Patrick in the Pulpit (The Floral Majority).

Pat on WROV, August 6, 1981
I do "Today in the Sunday Funnies" and more of the usual insanity.

Larry on WROV, August 22, 1981
Absolutely hilarious, as he always is.

Pat on WROV, September 3, 1981
Last 20 minutes of John. Not bad, fairly funny, a few minutes of O'Brady.

Pat on WROV, 1981
This was my first "last show"; I was leaving to devote all my time to school at VWCC (the real reason was that I'd recently done the all-night show 23 nights in a row and was then told by Burt that I wasn't good enough to do it full time--and this pissed me off). Last half hour of John King. Braxton Brimwad, Private Eye. I break out the old "Rock of Roanoke" jingles at 4AM. Gary Gears "Rockin' Steady" ID at 5AM. Preacher Patrick in the Pulpit (Leaving you to go on a mission to Argentina). Followed by an hour of Matt Eakle 6-7A.

Matt Eakle on WROV, October 10, 1981
A few hours of him working the Sunday afternoon shift. Good and smooth as he always was.

Pat on WROV, November 29, 1981
About six weeks after resigning in September, I was asked to come back because they couldn't find enough people to cover the weekends. I agreed but only if I could do a day shift, so I ended up doing the two hours between the Sunday morning "Preacher Features" and the Dick Clark National Music Survey which started at 9. Back in the summer of '81, Burt hired a consultant named Mike McVay to come in and "help us" learn how to be an "adult station". Bart Prater couldn't stand him and that was one of the reasons Bart left in August to go to K92. McVay kept listening to my tapes and telling me I was still trying "to be on THE OLD WROV and to be more 'adult like'". So on this particular morning I intentionally went out of my way to be dull and extremely cynical. I didn't have to work there, I was doing it as a favor to them, so I didn't care if they fired me or not. At one point I played a record by George Harrison and with cynicism dripping out of my mouth said "You may not know this, but he used to be one of the Beatles!" Jack Fisher heard this and said "YEAH, IF YOU'VE LIVED UNDER A ROCK FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS!" I left this tape for McVay and, HE LOVED IT. He left me a note praising me for it and even said "That was a great remark about George Harrison. Some of our listeners might not have known he was one of the Beatles!" At this point I knew that the old WROV was officially dead. I did keep working there for a few more months just to make a little spending money but otherwise knew I needed to go somewhere else so I set my sites on K92.

Pat on WROV, December 23, 1981
John King from 11:30-12. Supercard promotion. John pages Cliff on the intercom and it goes on the tape. Stomach Despair with Chef Pierre, sponsored by Maynard's Raw Food Restaurant (Dave Shropshire). A few seconds of KC on a promo. Tips for Department Store Santas. As The World Burns. Origins of Santa. Matt Eakle, one break after 6. To make fun of the station now wanting to be "an ADULT station" I had Steve Finnegan use his "Dying Old Man" voice (which he's perfect at) to do "This is the station you've grown up with, and we've grown up with you..." and dropped this in.

June Poteat on WROV, sometime in April, 1982
A few breaks of June that I found on a tape.

Pat on WROV, April 11, 1982
This REALLY WAS my last show on WROV. I followed Cliff and he hung around for a while. It was fitting--the first time I ever went in WROV I was with Cliff, who was interviewing Prater for the Cave Spring High "Knight Letter" in September, 1974. And now, Cliff was there the LAST time I was ever in WROV. (Well, until I went back one last time to visit and seek a job in 1988 after they'd been sold and the new FM had moved into the building). The week after this, I was hired at K92 but didn't know this at the time, so it was a basic (though fairly funny) show.

Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck #1

Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck #2

Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck #3

Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck #4

Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck #5

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Pat - WROV Edited Aircheck #9
These are taken from the ones above and spliced down for the purpose of sending them out when applying jobs (which I didn't get, which tell you how good these were....yeah right).

Pat on K92, April 25, 1982
My actual first show on WXLK (K92). I can still remember the night I did this, I was so nervous that I actually went into the bathroom and barfed about twenty minutes before I went on. Linda Silver (Linda Wheby) introduced me and hung around a while to train me. Basic show, "by the books", after I got comfortable I did a few gags. It was Daylight Savings Time weekend.

Pat on K92, June, 1982
Not bad, "by the book" with a few gags. I think I did a request for Sammy's brother, Clay, and make a reference to Sammy. You can hear Bill Jordan on the "Rick Springfield" promos.

Pat on K92, July 4, 1982
You can tell that I was speeding my ass off, but the show was pretty good. Great switch-off with Don O'Shea at 7, followed by about half an hour of Don.

Pat on K92, August 1, 1980
Includes a Prater "Summer Fun" promo and the debut of the song, "The Liquor Store" (which probably led to me eventually getting fired).

David Lee Michaels on K92, August 10, 1980
About an hour's worth.

Pat on K92, August 29, 1980
This ended up being my LAST show on K92, and my very last show in Virginia (though who knew that at the time). I wasn't scheduled the next weekend and was canned after that for missing a meeting. During a full staff meeting it was announced that the part-timers were to stay afterward but I didn't hear this. However, everyone else there did. Fair enough. It always worked out that if I ended a shift playing "Take It To The Limit" by The Eagles, I never worked on the station again. This happened at WFIR, WROV, and again here. After this I was careful to NEVER to this unless I KNEW I was going to be leaving and did it anyway (which happened at WGNI).