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1. Which of the following is something that I have never done?
A) Emceed a belching contest on a 100KW FM radio station
B) Driven members of Hank Williams, Jr.'s band to a recording studio
C) Spent six days living on a billboard
D) Spent evening at a bar dancing with women while wearing a bear suit

Correct answer is C. I did emcee a belching contest on Kiss-FM during Asheville's "Belle Chere" street festival, which I called "The Belch Air Festival" back in 1986. I did drive Ray Barrackman and Bill Marshall of the Bama Band to a Raleigh recording studio in 2000, where they played on Cliff's song "Jessica" (Cliff drove Wayne Turner and Billy Earheart). And in 1987 I appeared at an Asheville night club and danced for an hour while wearing a white polar bear costume as part of a "Sun Country Cooler" promotion. I did not live for six days on a billboard. That was Steve Finnegan, who did it for Z-93 in Winston- Salem in the 1980s.

2. Favorite TV Shows 1: I love all of the following EXCEPT:
A) Beverly Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld
B) Star Trek, Next Generation, Voyager
C) Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi
D) Monk, NUM3ERS, Columbo

Correct answer is C.. I love all of those shows except for Laverne & Shirley (which I hate because I cannot stand the Lenny and Squiggy characters); Happy Days (I like the actors but never liked the show, especially now because it reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends); Joanie Loves Chachi (aside from its connection to Happy Days, I hated this show because everytime I see the Chachi Arcola character he annoys me so much I want to beat the crap out of him).

3. Famous People: Which group have I NOT met?
A) Robert Plant, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams, Jr.
B) Chuck Berry, Brian Wilson, Mike Love
C) Ron Francis, Mike Kryzezewski, Mean Joe Greene
D) Rick Springfield, Rick Nelson, Willie Nelson

Correct answer is A.. I met Chuck Berry, Brian Wilson, and Mike Love while working at WFIR. Rick Springfield and Mean Joe Greene while at K92. I met Rick Nelson in 1976 and again in 1979. Met Ol' Willie in 1978, 1980, and almost got to see him again in 2000. Coack K was when I worked in TV and we did the Duke Children's Telethon. And I met Ron Francis several times going to Carolina Hurricanes events from 1999-2004. I would have met Plant had I not left Kiss-FM in 1988 (Glenn Trent kept working there and did get to meet him). I missed Kenny Rogers in Roanoke because I had to work on WFIR the night all the rest went to the show. I have never met Hank Jr but have met all the guys in his band.

4. What did my parents do for a living?
A) Father worked for N&W Railroad, mother was a housewife
B) Father was a telephone man, mother worked in hospital accounting department
C) Father owned a jewelry store, mother was a housewife
D) Father was a gunsmith, mother was a nurse

Correct answer is B.. My father and two of my uncles worked for the (then) Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company in Roanoke. My mother worked in the purchasing department at the Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley. Sam Lacy's father worked for the railroad (all the live-long day). Bucky Stover's father owned a jewelry store. My grandparents Wilfred & Kate Light were the gunsmith and nurse.

5. Claims to Fame, Part 1: Which of the following is true?
A) I was once on the TV news for attempting to jump the Roanoke River in a Port-O-John
B) I once interviewed the comedian Gallagher at a McDonald's
C) My Uncle Cecil went to school with Wayne Newton
D) I used to work with the real Adrian Cronauer, of "Good Morning, Viet Nam" fame

Correct answer is D.. Adrian was the morning announcer of the show "Musicale" on Public Radio WVWR-FM (now WVTF) in Roanoke. He is now an attorney in Washington, DC. Starr Stevens once attempted to jump the James River in a Port-O-John and almost drowned in the process. Steve Finnegan interviewed Gallagher at the McDonald's in Greensboro. Wayne Newton was from Roanoke, but nobody in my family including my uncle Cecil Howell knew him personally.

6. Collections, Part 1: Which of the following do I not collect?
A) Beatles memorabilia
B) U.S. stamps and coins
C) NHL hockey jerseys
D) Star Wars action figures

Correct answer is D.. I have lots of Beatles books, rare recordings and other assorted items such as cards, posters, etc. I have a good collection of U.S. stamps and a few coins, but haven't really messed with them for years. I have so many hockey jerseys that my wife has threatened to kick me (and them) out of the house.

7. What happened when I was a baby?
A) I met President Eisenhower (yes, I'm that old)
B) After 4 years, my father got out of the Army
C) I caught pneumonia and almost died
D) I cried every time Elvis was on the radio

Correct answer is C.. I never met Ike. My father got out of the army in 1952 (five years before me). I never cried when hearing Elvis on the radio, but for the first three years of his life my son always cried everytime he saw anybody in a Santa Claus outfit.

8. While in college, I was a member of which of the following national honor societies?
A) Tau Beta Pi and Golden Key
B) Tappa Keg and I Phelta Thi
C) Upsilon Pi Eta, Lamda Pi Eta, and Phi Kappa Phi
D) Both A and C

Correct answer is D.. I was in all the major national honor societies while earning both degrees at N.C. State. I would have been in Phi Beta Kappa as well, but N.C. State wasn't granted a chapter until the year after I graduated the final time.

9. I hold which of the following college degrees?
A) B.S. in Computer Science
B) A.S. in Business Administration
C) B.A. in Communication
D) All of the above

Correct answer is D.. The Business degree was from Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke, 1982. The Communication degree was from N.C. State in 1990. The Computer Science degree was from N.C. State in 1996. By the time I graduated the second time, I was being told I'd been going to school there so long that I was going to become the first student ever to be awarded tenure.

10. Claims to Fame, Part 2: Which is true?
A) My son was the first person ever to pee on the floor of the RBC Center
B) I was the narrator of multimedia training used in several hundred hospitals
C) Phyllis Diller once told me that my jokes weren't very funny
D) All of the above.

Correct answer is D.. My son and I went to the grand opening of the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena (now the RBC Center) on October 27, 1999. This was two days before the first ever hockey game in the building and it was opened as a "dry run" to test the concession stands, scoreboard, restrooms, and so on. He was three years old, and while there, had an accident. I was the voice heard on hospital training sold by the first company I worked for as a programmer, SynQuest Technologies. I once sent Phyllis two typed pages of jokes I'd written and she wrote me a very nice letter in return, telling me thanks but none of my material "set her on fire."

11. I love reading. Which is NOT one of my favorite topics?
A) Novels by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
B) Novels by Stephen King
C) Biographies of people in show business or sports
D) Anything about astrophysics or the space program

Correct answer is B.. I love Vonnegut and have all of his books. It's been a while since I've read them and I need to do it again. After earning a technical degree from N.C. State I'd finally had so many Math and Physics courses that I understood "rocket science" and proceeded to read about thirty books on the space program, space, time, and astrophysics (especially ones about stars and black holes). I like reading biographies of famous people. Steven King is a good author and my wife loves him, but his books are long, there are too many of them, and I'm not really into scary horror topics.

12. Collections, Part 2: Which of the following do I not collect?
A) Old radios
B) Political buttons
C) Hurricanes hockey pucks
D) NASA space mission patches

Correct answer is A.. I have political buttons, mostly Democratic but a few Republican ones as well, from every Presidential election since I've been alive (the first election I was alive for was when Kennedy beat Nixon in 1960). Also several from Congressional races. You can see the Hurricanes puck collection here on the website under the "Hockey" menu. I have replicas of all the NASA patches from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, and all but one Skylab patch. One day I'll get the Space Shuttle patches. I don't collect old radios but probably would if I had a place to put them and knew enough about electronics to fix them.

13. I have lived where (in order)?
A) Roanoke VA, Asheville, Garner, Cary
B) Roanoke, Wilmington NC, Raleigh, Garner, Cary
C) Roanoke, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Cary
D) Roanoke, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Asheville, Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Cary

Correct answer is D.. Born in 1957, left Roanoke in 1983, lived in North Myrtle Beach for six months then moved to Wilmington, to Asheville in late 1984, Raleigh in 1988, Cary in 1989, Garner in 1991, back to Cary in 1997. The first four moves were all because of radio. The last three were because of getting married, having kids, and needing more room!

14. How did I meet my wife?
A) A mutual friend arranged a blind date and I spilled a beer in her lap
B) She lived in the same apartment complex
C) She was a radio groupie who showed up at a remote because she wanted a T-shirt
D) Met her in Asheville at a bar while talking about James Taylor

Correct answer is B.. She lived two apartments over from mine and was always leaving her clothes in the washing machine when I needed to use it. This made me mad and I was getting ready to go over and complain to her about it. Then I met her and, well, kind of liked her. By the way, she still isn't very good about taking clothes out of the washing machine. Or the dryer. Or putting them away, either, for that matter—so I now do all of the laundry.

15. Famous People Part 2: Which group have I NOT met?
A) Bon Jovi, Alex Trebek, Danny Thomas
B) Pat Paulsen, Leon Russell, George "Goober" Lindsay
C) Sam The Sham, Suzi Quatro, Emmylou Harris
D) Wolfman Jack, Waylon Jennings, Col. Harlan Sanders

Correct answer is A.. Met Pat Paulsen at The Punchline comedy club in Greeneville, SC in 1986. Sam The Sham was while I worked in Roanoke at WFIR, 1978. Wolfman Jack and Suzi Quatro were at WROV in 1975. Emmylou was at a Willie show in 1978. Waylon was in 1991 in Danville with Cliff. I met The Colonel in Kindergarten at North Cross School in 1963. Lendy Goldstein (whose father Leonard owned Lendy's—the restaurant chan that introduced Roanoke to KFC) was in my class and brought him as her "show and tell" item one day. Leon was at the 1980 Willie show. "Goober" was at the Danny Thomas St. Jude's Telethon at WSLS-TV in Roanoke in 1979 and he was an asshole. I just missed meeting Danny that night by ten minutes. Bon Jovi and Alex Trebek were both guests on the Kiss-FM morning show in 1986 but I wasn't at work when they visited.

16. How did I get my big break and land my first-ever show on a Top 40 radio station?
A) I was the winner of a high-school radio announcer contest.
B) I earned my FCC license at age 17, and this impressed a local station manager.
C) I was the only person available when the regular DJ was hurt playing ball.
D) My Uncle Frank was the general manager of one of the stations in Roanoke.

Correct answer is C.. I worked at FM-95 WPVR, Roanoke's "easy listening" station and sister of WFIR, in 1978. The WFIR all night guy at the time was Carl Foster, who went on to work in Washington at DC-101. Carl was playing basketball, was hit in a very private place and had to go to the hospital. I was the only air staffer that was available that night, so I got to do my first live DJ show on WFIR. In high school, I ran the closed circuit radio station but there was never a "high school radio announcer" contest and if there had been, it would have been won by Bucky, not me! I did earn my FCC 3rd Class license when I was 17 but none of the local owners or managers knew (and probably wouldn't have cared if they did). My Uncle Frank McBride was a mailman, not a station manager (darn it!).

17. Which of the following has NEVER been one of my hobbies?
A) Playing Golf
B) Making homemade beer
C) Being a die-hard hockey and Carolina Hurricanes fan
D) Woodworking

Correct answer is A.. I am not a golfer. I like the sport but don't like dressing up and hanging out with the kind of snots who frequent country clubs. I used to make homemade beer but haven't for some time; it's now easier to drive 3/4 mile down the road to enjoy the 60+ beers they have on tap at Harrison's Bar & Grill. I like to occasionally make shelves or other useful items from wood. And my son and I are both big hockey fans and go to most of the Hurricanes games.

18. Favorite TV Shows 2: I love all of the following EXCEPT:
A) Cooking Shows
B) Documentaries on The History Channel
C) Reality TV shows
D) "True" Detective Shows, e.g. "The Forensic Files"

Correct answer is C.. I absolutely HATE reality television shows. I could not possibly give a damn about any of the people on these shows, how they get along together, or how they react to any of the stupid, dangerous or outrageous things they have to to win. I love cooking shows. My all-time favorite was Roanoke's "Cookin' Cheap" with Larry and Laban. I also like Emeril. I like to watch detective shows about real cops solving real murders and mysteries and am fascinated by what tiny mistake the killer made that led to the case being solved. And I could watch History Channel documentaries—on any subject from WWII to the construction of the Alaska Pipeline—all day.

19. Sports: Which is NOT a favorite?
A) NHL Hockey
B) NBA Basketball
C) NFL Football
D) ACC College Basketball

Correct answer is B.. I love hockey live and on TV. I love the NFL on TV, have been to two exhibition games and someday want to see one live. Since I went to N.C. State you know I love ACC basketball. But the NBA bores the hell out of me.

20. I have an interesting talent. What is it?
A) I always score in the 99.9th percentile on "box folding" tests.
B) I always win prizes when playing Whack-A-Mole.
C) Name any baseball player since 1950 and I can tell you his batting average.
D) I can tell any make/model of car by the sound of its engine running.

Correct answer is A.. For some unknown reason I was born with the ability to look at a picture of a flat cardboard cutout with the fold marks marked and tell you what the folded box will look like. My brother in law Paul is the world champion of Whack-A-Mole. Bob Costas can just about name any baseball player's stats from memory. And I doubt if anybody can tell a make/model of a car from the sound of its engine.

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