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Welcome to my website. Begun in early 2006 (and continuously put on the "back burner" because of the higher priority of finishing the other site I develop, The WROV History Site and the other one I develop The Uncle Looney Website), most of what you see here was added in 2007-08 with a promise to do a better job of keeping it updated.

Well, now it's 2011 and I've done a crappy job of keeping it updated—though there are a few new additions which are listed below.

My goal is to add much more material here. Specifically, I'd like to tell the stories of some of the crazy things that have happened to me over the years, complete with pictures when possible.

First, I need to finish the final update of the WROV site. I've really thought it was finished several times before, and then one of the gang digs up another box of old memorabilia, then there I go again. Over the last two years, I've received enough new material to round out the 1970s and 1980s sections (thanks, Rhona and Uncle Larr). I hope to get this done in 2011. Then I'm going to look into getting it published.

Then, with Brother Bill, John & GT I hope to update the Kiss-FM site.

Then, with Steve Nelson, I'm going to do a "Roanoke Television" site with info on the early years of television in the Star City.

Will I live long enough to do all of this? Who knows. In the meantime, in spite of all of the above, I do hope to add an occasional story, recipe, etc to this site to keep it interesting. At least that's the goal. Wish me luck and stay tuned.

—Pat Garrett, 2011

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