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A drinking game!

Would YOU play any kind of drinking
game with a crazy Raiders fan?

Whenever I visit my cousin we always end up downstairs in his bar drinking (what else?) and often, as if we needed another reason to drink, we will play this card game.

You need: one regular deck of playing cards. Remove all of the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 cards. Shuffle the rest and deal them, face down, to all the players. Then, periodically, going in order, each player draws the top card from those dealt and, depending on the card, all must follow these instructions:

  • 8 - The person to the left of the card drawer takes a drink
  • 9 - Temporary Topic
  • 10 - Permanent Topic
  • J - Everybody laughs and drinks
  • Q - Whomever draws drinks
  • K - First King one drink, second King two drinks, etc.
  • A - Drawer of card picks someone to drink
  • Joker - Drink or (if you're so inclined) smoke


Topics: Whomever draws a topic card chooses the topic, then proceeding in order, each player must name an item that fits the topic. For example, if the topic is Star Wars characters one person may say "Luke" then the next person says "Han Solo" then the next person says "R2D2" and so on. The first person who cannot name an item that fits the topic must drink.

Temporary Topic: Each time a 9 is drawn, whomever drew the 9 names a topic that is only valid for this round. Next time a 9 is drawn, that person names a new topic.

Permanent Topic: First person who draws a 10 sets the topic which is returned to (with no repetition of items) each time another 10 is drawn.

You can add another card and make up additional rules. This is the Dealer's choice.